Client Testimonials

I had been on my back for over three months when I arrived at Restore Huntsville. I could not stand, walk, get out of or even turn over in bed. With the guidance of the outstanding Restore Huntsville therapists, I stood, got out of bed, took a shower, and became mobile enough to walk. The therapists got me home and back to work. I am convinced anyone who follows the therapists lead can drastically improve.

Larry Barnett / Restore Huntsville, Huntsville, AL


Restore has worked miracles for me. Having been in physical and occupational therapy for multiple injuries in the past, I can honestly say that the team at Century Oaks is awesome. My progress is off the charts and I’ve had a great time doing it! Kudos to Restore and especially the Century Oak team for a job well done.

Betty Schweller/ Century Oaks, Melbourne, FL

Restore is the best place to go if you need any kind of therapy. Everyone there is so sweet, kind, and friendly. The physical therapy staff is so great. They all make you feel welcome. They take care of your physical therapy problems. I first went for my shoulder. I had Matt as my PT. He is really great at what he does. I will tell anyone who asks me where to go for physical therapy. I will tell them Restore. They are the best.

Carolyn Campbell / Restore Huntsville, Huntsville, AL

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