Our Wellness Program
Our three-fold approach wellness program focuses on:

Facility staff training (for our practices located within Assisted and Independent Living communities)

  • We have a base of resources that will allow us to provide needed training to staff within facilities on a variety of topics including transfer safety and technique, fall prevention, and how to interact with persons with dementia. This not only facilitates a better quality of life for clients, but also allows them to stay active in their current environment.

Therapy team development

  • Our clinical services team proactively seeks to provide training to our staff on appropriate topics. We provide the most effective evidence based practice techniques in order to keep our clients healthy and active.

Community based programming

  • Outreach is an integral part of any wellness program. With this in mind, we have created a bank of resources that include screenings, educational talks, self-assessments, and other valuable resources to keep clients active and engaged.

At Restore Outpatient, we strive to provide the best possible care to our clients.  With a rapidly changing healthcare market, this means placing a focus on prevention and a wellness program in addition to rehabilitation.  Our comprehensive wellness program takes a three-fold approach to address the needs of the clients we see in our clinics as well as the needs of the communities in which they reside.  This holistic approach to wellness seeks to keep clients active and healthy.

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