Occupational therapy is a science-driven, evidence-based profession that enables people of all ages to live life to its fullest by helping them promote health and prevent – or live better with – illness, injury or disability.


Our occupational therapists work with aging adults and their caregivers to promote safe performance of daily activities (occupations) at home and in the community.

Occupational therapists design strategies for everyday living and customize environments to develop and maximize their potential.

They take into account the complete person, including his or her psychological, physical, emotional and social makeup.

  • Uses everyday activities as the means to develop the skills that will enable a person to get beyond his or her disability or limitations. 
  • Helps a person build healthy habits and routines1.

Occupational therapists analyze the interaction of person; environment; occupation to develop client-centered interventions and recommendations that promote productive aging. This approach is supported by evidence and is distinct from all other health care providers2.


Clinical Mentorship:

The Restore Difference

Our mentorship program gives  therapists the ability to learn

and grow in their profession and develop their skill sets.


For OT positions available in your area, visit our career page!

  • Intentional, structured mentorship over 12 months
  • One-on-one guided mentoring
  • Peer learning opportunities
  • Professional and personal growth opportunities
  • Clinical based with a focus on patient care across a broad spectrum of patient populations

April is Occupational Therapy Month and Restore Outpatient’s focus on Wellness facilitates a better quality of life for its clients. Contact us if you have any questions about Occupational Therapy!


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